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No Ifs or Buts About Nuts

In 2000, while still living in the US my health started deteriorating. My migraines started recurring more frequently and sometimes they'd be so incapacitating that I'd have to rush to Emergency to get shots to give me some respite. At that time I wasn’t being conscientious about my diet and eat just about anything I'd fancy. You know the feeling of being young and eating anything yet staying slim and slender! For the want of a better phrase...I was going nuts :-). My health was really worrying me and I thought it was about time I did something about it. I changed my lifestyle to a healthy one and started with working out 4 to 5 times a week and a change in my diet, mostly vegan not much r

7 Foods that Helps Boost Breast Milk Production

Today I got a message from a friend who just gave birth to an adorable baby girl. Few weeks back, I saw on her Instagram that she was having a bad day, things that was going on in her life that week was really weighing down on her. I decided to message her (since I knew that she loves healthy food and snacks) and told her that I'll send her some surprise snacks to make her day. She in turn gifted me with the knowledge that the granolas I sent her was great for helping her produce more breast milk. With each passing day I discover more about the products I make and this continues to feed my conviction that I have invested my energies in the right products. Let me share what I have learnt abou

Keto Coffee Making Yourself Bulletproof

I first read about "Keto Coffee" 8 months ago, my first reaction to butter in my coffee was Ewww"... butter!! in my coffee, that turned me off so I forgot about it. Two months ago, I came across a podcast about Keto Coffee again, they spoke about how it gives you energy through the day and it suppresses your appetite yet jump starts your metabolism. I am not a person who would go on a diet but the energy? I like the feeling of having boundless energy, it gives me a sense of youthfulness and well being. Creating products for my clients can easily be done by experimenting with combinations of ingredients but creating something special needs inspiration. I research, experiment, taste, learn, di

What is Ketogenic Diet And It's Health Benefits?

We started learning about Ketogenic Diet 3 years ago from a client who is a global pioneer in ketogenic dietary solutions, they asked us to create a bar that's Keto approved. The last 3 years we have learned so much about what ingredients can be used for Ketone Bars. At first we made a bar that was mostly coconut based which had a good run for about a year, then we started working with Whey Protein Concentrate, thinking this will be a great ingredient for the bar, that is when we ended up creating this Dark Chocolate Ketone Bar, we were very happy and excited that this bar satisfies your hunger and it tastes so good at the same time. Dark Chocolate Ketone Bar Ingredients: Whey Protein Concen

6 Healthy Habits For A Better Lifestyle

There can be no greater truth than what this quote states.."Our greatest wealth is health". Positivity and happiness will only come to you if you decide to make changes for a better lifestyle! Agreed that making lifestyle changes requires effort and discipline but the benefits are bountiful. These changes may take some time to get used to but they are definitely going to benefit your health and wellbeing in a positive way. This is one lifetime investment that only appreciates in value over time. I'll share with you 6 of my healthy habits for a better lifestyle. 1. Meditate - Meditating is focusing your mind for relaxation. The beauty lies in the simplicity of what meditation is... simply to




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