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7 Foods that Helps Boost Breast Milk Production

Today I got a message from a friend who just gave birth to an adorable baby girl. Few weeks back, I saw on her Instagram that she was having a bad day, things that was going on in her life that week was really weighing down on her. I decided to message her (since I knew that she loves healthy food and snacks) and told her that I'll send her some surprise snacks to make her day. She in turn gifted me with the knowledge that the granolas I sent her was great for helping her produce more breast milk.

With each passing day I discover more about the products I make and this continues to feed my conviction that I have invested my energies in the right products. Let me share what I have learnt about oats, nuts & milk as galactagogues (fancy word that I just learnt today - aid the production of breast milk).

1. Oats - is very good and rich source of iron.This a great supplement for mothers going through post pregnancy anaemia. Studies have shown that anaemia can cause low level of milk production. Oats being a good source of iron can help increase red blood cell count in blood which, in return, would lead to increased production of breast milk. Oats is the base for making granolas, you can add milk or yogurt which is also beneficial in producing breast milk.

2. Almonds and Nuts - Almond are rich in Omega-3 and Vitamin E. Omega-3 helps lactation boosting hormones to help produce more breast milk, while Vitamin E helps heal itching caused by post pregnancy stretch marks. Other nuts are high in calories, vitamins and minerals providing energy and nutrients. They make excellent snacks that are readily available.

3. Papaya - This sunny fruit has been used in Asia as a galactagogue. Its lactogenic properties has not been studied, but it is thought that the enzymes and phytochemical in papaya may increase breast tissue and helps improve lactation. Papaya has also been used as a natural sedative. The sedating quality may help you relax, and at the same time help with milk let-down process.

4. Water and Milk - Drinking more water and milk are some of the best ways to improve your milk supply. Nursing depletes your boy fluids so it makes sense that drinking water will help you stay hydrated and produce more milk.

5. Fenugreek - A very common herb used in breastfeeding supplements. It has been theorized that fenugreek stimulates sweat production, and because the breasts a modified sweat gland, milk ducts and milk injections are stimulated. Most women who consume fenugreek report an increase in milk production with 24 to 72 hours after beginning oral consumption. You can also drink it as a tea.

6. Salmon - Is an excellent source of protein, salmon is rich in Vitamin B-12 and Omega-3 fatty acids, which studies show may help ward off postpartum depression. Omega-3 fatty acids are also important for baby's brain and nervous system development. It is also one of the few naturally occurring sources of DHA, Alpha-Linolenic Acid and Vitamin D, which help nursing nursing moms in breastfeeding supply.

7. Fats - Not all fats are bad for our body. Getting sufficient good fat in your diet is important in producing breast milk. You can find good fats in coconut oil, clarified butter, peanut oil and olive oil. Use of full-fat dairy products helps to boost breast milk supply.

It's truly incredible what benefits nature has gifted us. As I mentioned earlier, with each passing day I learn something new about my products. This fuels my passion for healthy living. Nourishing our bodies and as a collateral benefit, our minds, is truly something we owe ourselves. We have one body, one mind and one life to journey through with it. Let's be passionate about our life.

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