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6 Healthy Habits For A Better Lifestyle

There can be no greater truth than what this quote states.."Our greatest wealth is health". Positivity and happiness will only come to you if you decide to make changes for a better lifestyle! Agreed that making lifestyle changes requires effort and discipline but the benefits are bountiful. These changes may take some time to get used to but they are definitely going to benefit your health and wellbeing in a positive way. This is one lifetime investment that only appreciates in value over time.

I'll share with you 6 of my healthy habits for a better lifestyle.

1. Meditate - Meditating is focusing your mind for relaxation. The beauty lies in the simplicity of what meditation is... simply to clear your mind to start afresh every day. 10 to 20 mins at the start of every day sets helps aid in thinking positive thoughts throughout the day and a welcome respite from the digital world. At the same time, meditation helps eliminate negative thoughts, anxiety and worry, these can prevent you from being happy.

2. Be Active - Being active is a great way to keep healthy, even just taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes a day. You don't have to force yourself to make a workout plan since it is not sustainable and in most cases people just give up after a few days. Being active has to come from within you, the more you become active, the more you will crave for it, this is what I was talking about in my previous blog. Our brain release dopamine, which is the reward chemical, the more you do it, the more you will look for it, therefore this will lead to a more healthy lifestyle.

3. Drink Water - Our human body consists of about 60% water, we need to replenish our body with up to 2 liters of water on a daily basis. Water is an important essential for the human body to function normally. Drinking water not only helps dehydration but is good in many other ways such as digestion, clearer skin, helps control calorie intake, fights infection, helps detox and many other benefits to our human body. Drinking water before breakfast in the morning helps the digestive system in preventing bloating during the day. Taking a bottle of water with you when you are out and about can help you drink more water regularly. Water is the best and the healthiest drink.

4. Morning Thoughts - Take few minutes each morning to write down your thoughts or feelings, it will help you reflect on those moments. It can be your future goals, your dreams, or any random thoughts you may have. This can help your brain prepare you for for the day.

5. Educate Yourself - this doesn't mean that you should be going back to school, you can do this in different ways, one example is when you are commuting, sitting in traffic on your way to the office, or on your way home at night, this is a great time to listen to a podcast, this gives you ideas, energy and positive thoughts. Another is reading books that you are interested in, learning new things will come in handy at some point in your life. Knowledge is power.

Get it Done Day - Set aside a day in the week as the "Get it done Day". Dedicate this day to doing everything that needs to get done and we often defer...things like grocery shopping, running errands or just a me day. This way you have eliminated latent stress from the things that are looming at the back of your mind that need to get done. You are then set to look forward to the rest of the week stress free.

I hope that this blog helps you in living a healthy lifestyle. Let me know if this adds value to you, if it does, please share it with your family and friends.

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