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Healthy Lifestyle = Great Benefits on Mental Health

"The groundwork of all happiness is good health."

- L. Hunt

We focus a lot on the physical benefits of exercise, which is great since our physical health is very important. When we work out and eat healthy it gives us the benefit of a healthy and great looking body but it also gives us a healthy mind. Our mental health is very important in order for us to be truly happy.

Let us take a look at some of the benefits on our mental health by living a healthy lifestyle.

1. It helps increase confidence

When we work hard on our body, doing yoga, spinning, running, working out in the gym or any physical activities and we support all this by eating healthy, we start to see results of our hard work. Each milestone that we reach gives us a great feeling of accomplishment.

That is the best feeling in the world. This translates to increased self confidence. Our posture and disposition changes and we give out a positive aura. That, of course, gives us the confidence that we can achieve anything we want in life.

2. It reduces mental illness

We should not underestimate how the food we eat affects our brain, when our brain doesn't get what it needs, we are more likely to develop depressions, anxieties, and other mental illnesses. Regular activities and eating healthy will boost our brain power and leave us feeling happier, more focused and increase our memory.

3. It helps control addiction

When we exercise our brain releases dopamine which is also known as the "reward" chemical, it is also the same chemical that gets released from taking sugar, junk food, drugs or even gambling. By working out, we release dopamine and this curbs the need to depend on unhealthy sources and consequently helps us deal with addiction.

4. It improves self discipline

When we are trying to stick to living a healthy lifestyle, we have to resist the temptation, choose smartly on what we eat and make time for our workout. By consistently doing this, we are training ourselves to be self disciplined, which will benefit us and all aspects of our life.

By living a healthy lifestyle, we will improve our quality of life on many aspects, both mentally and physically.

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