Creating one indulgence at a time for our clients who place a high value on their health.

You’ve just found the most popular Online Healthy Snack Store! Lifestyle Gourmet Market prides itself for the excellent service we offer and top quality merchandise. We create products that are all natural or organic like granolas, trail mix, protein bars and so much more. We work diligently to make sure to stock all the latest and finest items at affordable prices. Start shopping for your favorite indulgence and let us know if there’s any special requests we can help you with.



Our healthy indulgences are made from the finest ingredients, sourced locally, and all natural. 

Cranberry Trail Mix
Dark Chocolate Ketone Bar
Coconut Delight
Fresh Berries
Peanut Butter Granola
Fruity Maple Granola
Tropical Granola
Healthy Indulgence 

Our Story


At the nucleus of Lifestyle Gourmet Market lies the strong inclination to revere the value of a healthy body and mind. The quest to create healthy indulgences with the choicest ingredients and ensuring that it is a treat to the palate as well began in 2010. A providential discovery of trail mix in an innocuous store in the US and the lack of availability of similar products locally fueled the desire to start creating similar products. This passion soon evolved to diversifying into granolas and bars.

The magic in creating these indulgences is in the blending. The perfect mix of ingredients... the orchestra of textures and the harmony of flavors! Each creation has to have it's own Eureka moment... it is then we share our creations with pride.

Welcome to Lifestyle Gourmet Market. Enrich yourself by indulgence. Savour our creations and delight your palates at the same time.